FAQ and general conditions

a) Can't I have my text translated by a machine such as Google?

Yes, certainly, if you want to get a general idea of the content of the text. Machine translation has progressed a lot in recent years. Unfortunately, the result will frequently require major improvements in spelling, grammar and interpretation. In addition, the text will often be far from coherent. If you want to present yourself in the best possible light to your clients and other interlocutors, you are better off using the services of a professional linguist.

b) Would it not be better for me to use a dirt-cheap translator or translation agency?

Yes, certainly, if the reliability and quality of the translation is not important to you. When you work directly with a professional freelance translator, you avoid the high overheads of an agency that must pay its marketing and administrative staff. Moreover, as your texts are always translated by the same translator, the consistency of your communication is guaranteed.

c) Will my texts remain confidential?

Of course. Unless you subsequently publish the translation on the Internet or make it public in some other way.

d) What is a social interpreter?

A social interpreter translates communications between two parties in an administrative, social or medical context. She assists people who do not have a sufficient command of the language in which the services are provided. For example, she may intervene at the hospital, during a parent-teacher conference, at a meeting with the administration (welfare agency, court system, etc.) or during a consultation with a psychologist.

e) What is a consecutive interpreter?

A translator translates in writing. An interpreter translates a conversation orally. A consecutive interpreter, also known as conversational interpreter, does not translate simultaneously (like a conference interpreter). Present alongside two parties, the consecutive interpreter translates in turn what the parties say. The social interpreter is required to observe a code of ethics. Discreet and neutral, she offers a complete and transparent translation. She acts professionally in all circumstances.

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